THANK YOU to everyone who shared inspiration and voted on designs for Waverly 32nd St Placemaking!

We had a fantastic time listening to you and learning about your ideas and inspiration for Waverly 32nd Street Placemaking. Voting has closed on design proposals. Stay tuned for the final design announcement!

About: Graham Projects is collaborating with Waverly Main Street on creating traffic calming art along 32nd Street at the intersections of Barclay Street and Brentwood Avenue to improve pedestrian safety and connectivity for all who visit Waverly Main Street businesses and the 32nd Street Farmers Market. In addition, placemaking features and a pavement mural adjacent to Waverly Commons will enhance Brentwood Avenue between Merrymans Lane and 32nd Street. During the fall and winter of 2022 residents and and stakeholders were invited to share artwork ideas and select placemaking features for this project. Three community-inspired design proposals were developed and neighbors and residents were invited to vote on their preferred designs in-person and online between February 18 and March 10, 2023. The final design will be announced by Waverly Main Street by the end of the month.

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